Home Shopping & Storage Space 101: Storing Your Gun Safe & Other Items

Our Closet In Our First House in the Suburbs.

Our Closet In Our First House in the Suburbs.

As someone that’s into Real Estate, I always find it shocking that most people don’t consider storage space as an important item when buying a house.  On the contrary, one of the single most important things people SHOULD consider is how much storage space they will need not  for their hobbies and the personal item accumulation they will start to see happen gradually as their families grow over their lifetimes.

I am a firearms enthusiast, so when we bought our place out in Scarsdale, I made sure that the home I bought when moving out of the city had a finished basement and a closet big enough that I could fit a large gun safe to accommodate my collection of both modern and vintage firearms.  While most people know that public officials in New York are not supremely fond of firearms, I personally think they are an essential part of making sure you are protecting your family from harm’s way. While I am not permitted to have an AR-15 like many other states, I do have other firearms that I am permitted to own in my state, and I want to make sure that I have the capacity to hold all of them, especially my hunting rifles.

When I started looking at real estate in the suburbs initially, I really wanted to just find something that got me out into the suburbs without worrying about what my future growth opportunities might be.  That was my first mistake when I bought my first house, and my wife and myself found us rapidly wanting to move to something bigger.  Not only was I pushing into needing to add more bedrooms for my growing family, but I had to stick my gun safe in my garage which defeats the purpose of even having firearms in my opinion.  While it’s imperative to keep them secured at all times, I always figured I’d enjoy keeping my gun safe in my closet which even though we had the room, was never a reality once my wife took over the closet for her own purposes.  I’ve always owned one of the best biometric gun safes that I keep next to my bedside,  but there’s no substitute for being able to store larger guns like a shotgun.

Move on to two years later and here I’m sitting.  We just sold our smaller house in order to move up and go bigger for more room and a closet large enough that I CAN fit my gun safe into so I have not only immediate access to in case of emergency, but a place I can keep them safely climate wise so that they stay fresh and rust free.

People often take the time to look at how many bedrooms a house has and how many bathrooms it will have, but they solely look for a home that has enough storage which can be just as important as any other factor.  Whether you are looking to store your firearms like I do, or just have other hobbies that will take up space, make sure you are looking to purchase a house that has enough space for both you and your family in the many years to come.

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