Is a Condo Right For You? Finding The Right Condo In New York

CondoLiving in New York City can be a very rewarding, very exciting experience, but it’s not right for everyone. Before you plan your move to the Big Apple, there are a few things you should take into account.

The first thing is cost of living. New York is a very expensive city, and this cost can be prohibitive for many people. However, if your job provides sufficient income, then a few years in the city can create experiences and memories you will never forget. If you choose to live in Manhattan, the costs will be much higher; however, areas in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens provide lower costs. Long Island is cheaper still, but also farther away from the action.

Condominiums are the most popular housing option in the New York City area due to the low maintenance and upkeep they require. Because they are typically managed by a third party, condominiums allow the homeowner to spend more time doing the things they enjoy, rather than worrying about cleaning. The lawn (if you have one) will be mowed, and any maintenance that’s needed will be conducted by the company, not you. This is great for those times when you just aren’t in the mood to crawl under the sink and fish out whatever has clogged the food disposal unit.

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The next thing to take into account is your lifestyle. Do you prefer to spend evenings at home with a good book or go out for a night on the town? New York is suitable for both, and there are endless ways you can meet new people. Whether you want to pay a visit to the Strand, Manhattan’s famous bookstore with 18-miles of shelving, or head downtown to one of the clubs that gives the city its reputation for a booming nightlife, New York will have someone with a mutual interest.

However, despite the fact that the city is fun to live in, it’s also very expensive. A meal at a midrange, inexpensive restaurant will cost at least $15, and a meal for two at mid-range restaurant can run as high as $75 or more. You can expect to spend $200 or more per month on utilities alone, and rental costs are a minimum of around $1600, but usually much higher, especially for a condominium.

Living in New York City can be an amazing experience, and it’s certainly one that thousands dream of. However, make sure you go in with the full knowledge of what it entails – high costs, a huge number of people, but at the trade off of endless sources of entertainment and the chance to live in the most amazing city on the planet.


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